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About Andre - AndreWaldron.com

About Me

My name is Andre and I’d like to welcome YOU to a space in which the status quo holds no weight.   

I’m on a mission to become debt-free and become financially independent.  In order to accomplish this, I’m aiming to do what Dave Ramsey would often encourage many of his listeners to do: “Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else.”

By the grace of God, I have eliminated over $50,000 of student debt so far.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Hofstra University and an MBA from Binghamton University.  I managed to accomplish all of this while being the main breadwinner for my family since I was 18. 

This blog will provide unique content and resources that will aid in accelerating your transition from surviving to thriving in their financial journey.  Additionally, this will be a space in which we will have tough conversations that don’t normally take place in the world of personal finance. 

You are the CEO of your financial future.   It is my hope that this space enhances your bottom line!

To your future success!

Andre Waldron aka The Wealth Warrior